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Contact me right now your local Manchester Plumber 12-month guarantee, and fast same-day response on all my plumbing services.

I have 15 years domestic and commercial experience working on Kitchens, Taps, Showers, Toilets, Overflows, Bathrooms, Leaks, Burst Pipes, Radiators, Maintenance, Installations, and Repairs.

Allan Plumbing Services - Manchester Plumber provides a full range of household repairs, installations and property maintenance throughout the Greater Manchester area.

My aim is that you call me whenever you have something that you need fixing, Installing or maintaining. I am a Plumber working around Manchester and responding to any of your Emergency and Non-Emergency plumbing needs.

My Plumbing Services

  • Taps, baths, showers, toilets, repairs, and installs

  • Kitchen leaks and burst pipes fixed

  • Emergency plumbing and radiator replacements

  • Bathrooms, general home installations, and repairs

Are you looking for Plumbers in Manchester to fix a leak

When water leaks it costs you money. If this happens in a location that is easy to see you can get it fixed quickly, but what happens when the leak is not visible? What happens when you can't see the leak?

If you suspect you have a leak and are looking for Plumbers in Manchester then you should call Allan Plumbing Services immediately.

This might happen if you notice that your water bills have increased without explanation, or you see a wet patch on your ceiling. When these things happen identifying your leak and repairing it quickly is essential.

I don't find leaks by ripping up your floor. That is inefficient and usually ineffective. Instead, I use the latest technology and equipment to see exactly where the leak is.

As a technician, I am highly skilled at using CCTV technology to accurately pinpoint your leak. I don't just identify the leak though – once I find it, I will repair it too.

Specialist Jobs Undertaken

  • Plumber Manchester leak detection and repair services

  • Identify leaks under floors without damaging your property

  • I can identify leaks using CCTV equipment

  • This equipment allows me to trace your pipes and pinpoint the leak

  • I will then carry out speedy and effective repairs

Leaks Cost Money – Stop Them Today!

If you suspect you have a leak you should contact me today. I will be able to give you advice on the next steps you should take. I can provide a quote for my leak detection service and can attend to your problem quickly.

I have a solid reputation as a professional Plumber Manchester for efficiently and effectively finding and repairing underfloor leaks, and I can deliver the same service to you.

Get in touch – Call 07929 498205

What Manchester Plumbers advise you do with high water bills

Was your last water bill higher than expected? If so the problem could be a leak and is likely to continue affecting your water usage until it is fixed.

Plumbers Manchester recommend before investigating a water leak, you should consider if another reason could be the cause, such as having more people than usual staying over, or using your water more than you normally do.

This could be anything from doing more washing than normal or using the dishwasher more frequently, to leaving the sprinklers on outside or filling up the hot tub.

If none of these things are applicable, a leak is the most likely cause and will need investigating.

What You Should Check

  • Dripping taps

  • Behind your appliances

  • Damp patches around your property

  • Overflowing or running toilet cisterns

Get the leak repaired!

Even if you think it is a small leak, you may be surprised at how much water you might be wasting. Something as simple as a dripping tap can waste over 10 litres of water a day!

As your expert Plumber I work throughout Greater Manchester and will locate and repair your leak as quickly as possible.

Don’t put up with high water bills - get your leaks repaired now. Call 07929 498205

Why is it important for Plumbers Manchester to look after you!

At Allan Plumbing Services, I love small jobs. That's why I do a lot of plumbing repairs and maintenance around Manchester and throughout the area.

Regular maintenance of your plumbing and appliances will ensure they work as efficiently as possible.

It also saves you money getting expensive Plumbers out when you don't need them, as proper repairs and maintenance extends the life of your plumbing so you don't have to carry out replacement work as often.

You can also cut costs over time by ensuring your heating and hot water systems are running efficiently and making sure you don't have any leaks.

A small amount of plumbing maintenance goes a long way. I am a skilled and experienced Plumber and central heating fitter, I can work on all your radiators, pipes, appliances, fixtures, and fittings to ensure they are in top working condition.

Benefits of regular Manchester Plumber maintenance and repairs

  • Extend the life of your radiators, pipes, hoses, water tanks, heating systems, appliances, taps, and other fittings

  • Save money by ensuring your heating system and hot water heater are operating efficiently

  • Save money on your water bills by identifying and stopping leaks

  • Experience fewer faults or breakdowns

Get in touch - For a Free plumbing repair Quote today

When plumbing goes wrong it is almost always inconvenient. Whether it happens on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday morning it is the last thing you want to deal with.

Regular plumbing servicing and maintenance means you will have fewer problems. Let me look after your home or business to keep the water flowing where it should.

Call me on 07929 498205

Emergency Manchester Plumber near you.

If you need a Plumber now to deal with an emergency in your home or office, give me a call. I am available from 8am - 6pm, 7 days a week.

I will give you advice on the phone to reduce any further damage occurring and will be at your property as quickly as possible. My emergency plumbing services are available across Manchester.

Whether your emergency is in the morning, afternoon, weekend, or any other time of the day, Allan Plumbing Services will always be there to help.

If your problem is a burst pipe I will probably advise you to turn off your main stop cock when you call. If you know where that is it is a good step to take to prevent further damage to your home.

In this situation, you should also switch off your electric hot water cylinder, but I can speak to you on the phone and will be able to give you more specific advice. Call today.

  • Get in touch - 7 days a week

  • Burst pipes and leaks

  • Toilet repairs

  • Electric shower replacements

  • Dripping taps

  • And more

I will get you back to normal ASAP!

As a Manchester Plumber I am fully trained and experienced. I will arrive at your home with a full selection of tools plus a large supply of spare parts.

Many repairs can be completed on the spot. I will arrive promptly and will give you a professional service. I can also keep my prices affordable so you can get your emergency plumbing situation sorted without spending a fortune.

Take a look at some of the things that your Plumbers Manchester can do for you.

1. Bathroom Plumbing and Design

Fitting a bathroom is certainly a difficult task that can only be done by professionals. If you are looking for a bathroom to be replaced, I am your local Plumber Manchester providing a comprehensive bathroom installation service that will take care of all your plumbing needs from start to finish.

My bathroom installation process is cost-effective and time-saving and I can install your bathroom suite to meet the highest standards with minimal disruption to you and your family.

2. Toilet Repairs and Installs

I can fix your broken toilets that don't flush properly, running toilets and leaking toilets.

You can contact me your local Manchester Plumber for any toilet plumbing repairs that are needed within your Domestic or Commercial property, Call now for affordable prices.

3. Electric Shower Replacements

No matter what type or model of shower you may be using, I can undertake all installations and replacements of electric, thermostatic, bar, and power showers.

The most popular brands I deal with are Mira, Triton, Redring, and Bristan.

4. Kitchen Sink Plumbing

Is your kitchen sink giving you a headache? Well, then it must be time to replace your unwanted sink and avoid such unnecessary problems. Your expert Plumber - Allan Plumbing Services can install, repair, or maintain your sink.

At the same time, I can also help with cleaning blocked waste pipes and plug holes so that the water flows to your drains properly.

5. Tap Repair and Installations

I can also fix as well as replace bathroom and kitchen taps, is your tap dripping water constantly then get it fixed today, I can replace the tap parts with new ones for a very reasonable price.

Are you not getting any water through your mixer tap, then don't hesitate - Get in touch with - Allan Plumbing Services, Plumber in Manchester best prices guaranteed.

Why Choose? - Allan Plumbing Services

Allan Plumbing Services is your local expert I am accredited by City and Guilds and WRAS Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.

I am Manchester's Number 1 Plumber for Maintenance, Repairs, and Installations.

The areas I cover are listed below:

Altrincham - Ashton Under Lyne - Blackley - Bolton - Bredbury - Bury - Chadderton - Cheadle - Cheetham Hill - Chorlton - Denton - Didsbury - Droylsden - Dukinfield - Eccles - Edgerton - Failsworth - Flixton - Gorton - Hazle Grove - Heaton Moor - Heywood - Hyde - Kersley - Leigh - Manchester - Middleton - Milnrow - Moston - Newton Heath - Oldham - Openshaw - Pendleton - Prestwich - Radcliffe - Ramsbottom - Rochdale - Royton - Sale - Salford - Shaw - Stockport - Tameside - Trafford - Urmston - Walkden - Whitefield - Wigan - Worsley - Wythenshawe.

If your looking for a Plumber in Manchester I am here to help - Contact Allan Plumbing Services for a free quote...

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